Problem: Scaling a Remote Startup

In this example/onboarding use-case, Michelle is the Chief People Officer at Acme Technologies, a fast-growing 300 person startup, which is ramping up and adding 10-20 new people per month.

Michelle is responsible for making sure that new employees get well-integrated into both their organization and the wider company. With the shift to remote work, it's been more challenging for teams work together because employees are feeling more isolated and less engaged.

To fix this, Michelle has tried to put together a buddy system to pair new employees with existing ones, but she is having a hard time making it work. It's hard to get existing employees to participate because matches aren't relevant to them, and the process is getting too complex and time-consuming for her team to manage.

Solution: Covalent

Michelle uses Covalent for a curated, personalized, and automated onboarding experience for Acme employees.

Whenever new employees join, they are matched with existing employees based on relevant factors that make the connection valuable to both parties. Communications go out from Michelle's account which drives higher engagement with recipients, and this enables her to continue building individual relationships with each employee. All of this happens without any additional effort for Michelle's team, and they can go off to work on other high leverage projects.

User Experience: Sarah (new employee)


  1. Sarah (new employee) signs up, adding information that is relevant to her
  2. Sarah & Jack (existing teammate) are introduced & calendar invite scheduled
  3. Sarah & Jack meet, and they each provide feedback about their match

1. Example Email: Sign up for Onboarding Buddy program

Teams - Onboarding - Email - Opt in.png

2. Example Email: Onboarding Buddy introduction

Teams - Onboarding - Email - Intro.png

3. Example Email: 1-click Feedback

Teams - Onboarding - Email - Feedback.png